Defining Spiritual Formation

2 students

Spiritual formation isn’t new; it’s only been lost for a while.

                                          –Dallas Willard,
Leadership Journal (Summer 2005)

Defining spiritual formation
is a free, four-session course
designed to help individuals and small groups
to better understand
the ancient yet contemporary process
of how we come to mature in the Christian life.

The following video has been prepared to give a more personal orientation to the broad strokes of this course and desired outcomes…

Students can expect four sessions, each incorporating involving…

  • A video presentation
  • Supplemental readings
  • Exercises (aimed at bridging head and heart)

Session themes/foci include:

  • A [Positive] Definition of Spiritual Formation
  • Clarifying Spiritual Formation: Defining What it is Not
  • Acknowledging Some of the Tensions Embedded in Spiritual Formation (with an especial focus on God’s Part vs Our Part in Salvation and Spiritual Formation)
  • A High-Level Map of the Spiritual Formation Journey



Rev. Jim Reiter an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church for over 30 years.

Professionally Certificated in Spiritual Formation by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry and the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (completing all required coursework at Garrett Theological Seminary), Jim’s work and passion emerge from a confluence of streams, including:

Explorations in the contemplative life
Immersion experiences in monastic settings
Leadership in a variety of retreat settings –
including programs sponsored by the Upper Room
of the United Methodist Church
Research in “stages of faith” (and how
these stages inform our journey to “true self”
A keen interest in the intersection of Christ
and culture – focused especially in the
spiritual themes embedded in the movies
Experience with and gleanings from the traditional
and not-so-traditional spiritual

$39.00 Free