“Exploring Spiritual Formation: Mapping Our Journeys Back Home to God”

a NEW 4-week, self-paced online course
(via the online resources of BeADisciple.com)
first offering: Monday, July 13 thru Friday, August 7, 2020
facilitated by Jim Reiter, Professionally Certified in Spiritual Formation

Cost $65
What In this 4-week, self-paced course, we will take some time to map our spiritual stories—with an eye to the ways that various models of the spiritual growth and development illuminate our stories and ongoing journeys.  Models we’ll consider include the ancient “threefold path,” “stages of faith” conversations (as represented in Janet Hagberg’s Critical Journey and Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle), and Wesley’s “Order of Salvation.”  A closing week of “next steps” will work to define practical handles and dispositions of the heart that promote movement in our ongoing “journeys back home to God.”

Week # Topic/Focus
1 Introductions, Foundational Considerations, and Mapping Our Stories
2 Establishing a First Map of the Spiritual Journey
3 Adding More Layers to Our Map
4 Next Steps: Processing Practical Implications for Our Ongoing Journeys

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