Holy Habits: A Survey of the Spiritual Disciplines

ceramics-clay-handmade-22823.jpgThe “means of grace”
(i.e., spiritual disciplines)
are purely that:
not works that make us
any more right with God
(than we already are)
as much as channels
of ongoing transformation —
in which we grow
in that understanding of
and response to God and God’s love.

In the spirit of
Richard Foster’s
Celebration of Discipline,
session foci here can include…

  • an overview of the spiritual disciplines (as “works” which flow from our being right with God)
  • a discussion of “spiritual types” (and the appreciation that “one size” [or approach] does not “fit all”
  • practical handles engaging the traditional means of grace (including Bible Study, prayer, and Holy Communion)
  • explorations of not-so-conventional means of grace (including journaling, lectio divina, fasting, and centering prayer)
  • the value of a “Rule for Faithful Living”

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