Reel Theology: Focused Discussions at Intersection of Hollywood and Divine

I believe we need to hold the creeds in one hand and our favorite forms of art in the other. These are films, books, poems, songs, and paintings I return to again and again for some deep reason in my heart. Taking a closer look, I see that they all tell me about some part of the Sacred Romance. They help wake me to a deeper remembrance. As Don Hudson has said, “Are is, in the final analysis, a window on heaven.”

–John Eldredge, The Sacred Romance, p. 204

reel theologyHe has set eternity in our hearts,”
the Preacher tells us in Ecclesiastes.

Could it be, then, that as our hearts
are engaged and stirred
(when we hear a song or watch a movie…
or engage any number of artforms),
we are encountering the “eternity” within?

Discussions here can include…

  • more academic treatments
    (of the ways that Christ and Culture
    can intersect… or the ways
    that Hollywood and Religion
    have clashed)
  • or, we can proceed to the “heart” of the matter, engaging any number of Hollywood blockbusters — with an eye to the ways they illuminate Biblical themes

Among those films we’ve viewed engaged in past settings are

  • The “Godfather” Triology (in a highly edited format) as a basis for reflecting upon the insidious ways of sin-evil
  • “Tender Mercies”
  • “The Matrix”
  • “The Way”
  • “Chocolat”
  • “Rudy”

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