“Reel Theology” Lenten Film Festival (March-April, 2022)

[Two] Options (online and live, in-person)
for enjoying this Lenten Study…
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Adapting words from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, we might say that…

“Hollywood’s crammed with heaven
and every common film afire with God and Gospel Truth.”

Join us, then, in this Lenten exploration of what it is to be a Christian on the journey of being conformed to the image of Jesus our Lord!

Among the subjects we will explore are:

  • the various ways that Christ and Gospel can be perceived as relating to culture (including the movies),
  • the various ways that Christ and Gospel have been treated by Hollywood (and vice-versa),
  • And then, there are the themes that emanate from the movies we’ll engage, including:
    the importance and meaning of community in our journeys,
    the Christian life as a journey to our “true selves” in Christ,
    the resistance we experience in the journey of faith, and
    the rewards of persevering in our journeys.

Viewings and discussions will adhere to a standard format each week…

  • an initial 60-75 minute presentation (via Zoom and available thereafter via a recording) — featuring a 30-40 minute synopsis of the week’s film (including key scenes/clips… “cleaned up,” as necessary), followed by a preliminary discussion of key observations and themes
  • follow-up discussions between the instructor and course participants (via the Blackboard Discussion Board interface)
  • Supplemental resources will be made available to enhance each week’s discussions and reflections.

Films we’ll engage and discuss include:
* The Godfather Trilogy
* The Matrix
* The Way
* Chocolat
* Tender Mercies

[Two] Options for taking advantage of this Lenten Study include:

  • A live, in-person “Dinner and a Movie” option
    (for those in the Bryan-College Station area):
    –>join us for one viewing… or as many as you can
         (at our “retreat” between the A&M campus and downtown Bryan…
         address to be provided upon registration)
    –> to allow ample time for eating, visiting, and discussion,
         “viewings” will incorporate the same synopses and clips
         used in our online festival
    –> limited overnight accommodations available
         (on a first-come basis)
    –> suggested donation of $10
         (to cover the cost of the meal… and the “concession stand”)
    –> seating limited to 10 per viewing

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