Soul Matters in Leadership

Jesus Christ is the only Shepherd, the true Shepherd, the Good Shepherd. He is the Shepherd who knows His sheep. He has appointed many undershepherds, but the authority is not in the undershepherd. The authority is in the Shepherd. It is not the word of the undershepherd, but the word of the Shepherd that is life. The undershepherd is faithful as a shepherd only to the extent that he/she follows the Shepherd and leads the sheep in the Shepherd’s path. Multitudes today look to men/women for guidance, for wisdom, for knowledge, but they follow false shepherds, to the destruction of life.  

(Dwight Pentecost, Design for Living, p. 195)

There is no real or authentic pastoral leadership apart from considerations of spiritual formation.  “You can’t give away what you don’t got,” the preacher put it.  And among the key, core, essential things in the life and leadership of the church is authentic spirituality.

Zoe-Life Explorations has a heart
for serving and supporting
shepherds and leaders
in the body of Christ which is the Church
– clergy, paid staff, and lay leaders.

Here, there are a variety of opportunities for you to consider – including…

    • A leadership or staff development day – focused on team building (via an exploration, e.g., of the Enneagram or family systems theory as it relates to your staff or church family)
    • Spiritual direction
    • Individual or small group retreats (focused on dimensions of spiritual formation – as, e.g., the crucial issue in ministry which is understanding and keeping sabbath)
    • Providing staff development materials and resources for use in your ministry setting
    • Exploring any number of “Let-Down-Your-Hair” Events (e.g,. helping staff/leaders process a scavenger hunt or “murder mystery” or “escape room” experience in your area or a retreat location). The options are countless for having fun fellowship and how to be a better team of spiritual leaders!
    • Some combination of the above elements

We’d love to explore and discuss options with you
– by phone, zoom, or over a cup of coffee!

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