The Spiritual Disciplines for Personal and Parish Renewal [An Online Course]

What An online course (developed and facilitated by Jim Reiter for the Dick & Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship and focused on
1) a definition of spiritual formation and 2) the ways that temperament/personality informs the use of the spiritual disciplines in individual and corporate programs of spiritual growth and development.
Facilitator Jim Reiter, Lead Spiritual Formation Instructor at
When Self-paced, online studies during the weeks of August 24 — October 2, 2020
Proposed Schedule Week 1    Introductions, Overview & Defining Spiritual Formation
Week 2    Stages of Faith & “True Self” as Elements of Spiritual Formation
Week 3    The Spiritual Disciplines: Introductory Matters and Concerns
Week 4    Spiritual Disciplines for Personal Renewal
Week 5    Spiritual Disciplines for Parish Renewal
Week 6    Developing a Rule for Faithful Living & Wrap-Up
Where Online (through the Blackboard Interface hosted by
Cost $125 per person (does not include the cost of three required texts)
For More Information or to Register For more information or to register, go course page at BeADisciple by clicking here
Other inquiries can be directed to us by clicking here and submitting a completed form[Note: while these course are open to all interested individuals, priority in registration will be given to those enrolled for the purposes of certification in spiritual formation.]