Upcoming Online Explorations: Winter, 2021

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What A six-week, self-paced survey of spiritual formation – with an especial focus on the ways that understandings of temperaments and spiritual types can inform our engagement of the spiritual disciplines for personal and parish enrichment. (For those so choosing, this course can be applied to a fuller “Certification in Spiritual Formation” from The Richard & Julia Wilke Institute of Discipleship.)
  • Introduction to the Enneagram
    (a 4-week, self-paced online course, launches Monday, February 15, 2021)
    co-facilitated by
    Kathy Reiter, certified Enneagram trainer and Spiritual Director &
    Jim Reiter, Professionally Certified in Spiritual Formation
What An adaptation of our 7-hour retreat/workshop offering insight into the background of this ancient personality “inventory,” a narrative orientation to the nine personality types (as well as an engagement of The Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales [WEPPS]), and some sense of next steps in the journey to “true self.”
What In this 4-week, self-paced course, we will take some time to map our spiritual stories—with an eye to the ways that various models of the spiritual growth and development illuminate our stories and ongoing journeys.  Models we’ll consider include the ancient “threefold path,” “stages of faith” conversations (as represented in Janet Hagberg’s Critical Journey and Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, and Wesley’s “Order of Salvation.”  A closing week of “next steps” will work to define practical handles and dispositions of the heart that movement in our ongoing “journeys back home to God.”


ONLINE COURSES (via this Zoe-Life web site)

  • Defining Spiritual Formation
    (a free, 4-session, self-paced online course)
    facilitated by Jim Reiter, Professionally Certified in Spiritual Formation
What A free, four-session course designed to help individuals and small groups to better understand the ancient yet contemporary process of how we come to mature in the Christian life.

Session themes/foci include:

  • A [Positive] Definition of Spiritual Formation
  • Clarifying Spiritual Formation: Defining What it is Not
  • Acknowledging Some of the Tensions Embedded in Spiritual Formation (with an especial focus on God’s Part vs Our Part in Salvation and Spiritual Formation)
  • A High-Level Map of the Spiritual Formation Journey


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