“Versed in the Chapters”: A Survey of the Basic Storyline of the Christian Scriptures

Picture2.jpgThe Bible
is foundational
to Christian life
and living…
and spiritual formation.

Sadly, though,
there are too many who…

  • know the Bible’s story piece-meal (with little sense of how it all belongs together)
  • see too great a divide between the God of the Old Testament and the other God of the New Testament
  • do not understand or see the ways that meta-narratives inform the flow of our lives and living

“Versed in the Chapters” is a survey of the foundational narrative of salvation conveyed through the “library” of primary sources which are the books of the Bible.  An unpacking of this narrative and its chapters leads not only to a better understanding of its parts but, more essentially, an appreciation for the “sacred romance” of which we are all a part.

Foci here can include…

  • Overview: “Metanarratives” & Filters
  • See Through the Scriptures
    • Beginnings: The Bible as a Library & Genesis
    • Exodus & Conquest
    • Kings, Prophets & Exile
    • Between the Testaments
    • New Testament, Part 1: The Gospel Narrative
    • New Testament, Part 2: Acts & Happily Ever After
  • How to Study the Bible: Practical Handles for a Lifetime of Digging Deeper

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