Zoe-Life is not a distinct “ministry” but seeks to provide “explorations” (or discussions and experiences) which promote deeper-fuller spiritual formation in individuals and local congregations.

We are all  are aware of concerns surrounding  Coronavirus. 

To accommodate these sensitivities/concerns,
we offer a variety of options for meeting/retreating
until there is a sense of “all clear”
to proceed with normal operations.

Options include:

*  “live” programs
      (with proper protocols of social distancing & masks),

*  zoom video conferencing, or

*  a hybrid of these two options.

Facilitated experiences
(which can be structured in a variety of forms and schedules) serve to promote discussions about the ends and means of spiritual formation in Christian community.  They include:

A variety of consultative-coaching services
are available for those congregations wanting to engage in more intentional conversations — regarding the development and implementation of a plan for a more intentional, ongoing program of spiritual formation in their ministry setting.

As we understand and affirm that we are a support to the ministry of the local church and their pastors, we ask that all invitations for the services of Zoe-Life in a local church setting come by way of the Office of the Senior Pastor.

For more information about any of these services, click here.