The Mission of Zoe-Life Encounters is to facilitate experiences and discussions about deeper-fuller life and living in individuals and faith communities.

Sometimes that happens through the “explorations” we formally promote and sponsor.  And, sometimes, that happens through the commending of rich and meaningful resources. 

Here, we commend sites and resources that pass a three-fold test:
a) a sense of theological balance/integrity
b) an abundance of quality resources
c) minimal costs (to engage many of these resources)

Stay tuned, by the way, as this list will ever be evolving and growing!

Downloads: Articles

Links: Various Materials-Offerings from The Upper Room…

Links: [Meaningful] Spiritual Formation Mentors/Sites Worth Engaging…

  • (spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the body of Christ on the basis of seven core spiritual practices… founded by Mindy Caliguire, former Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association)
  • (spiritual formation ministry founded by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline)
  • (spiritual formation ministry of Dr. Ruth Haley Barton that exists “to strengthen the souls of pastors and Christian leaders and the congregations and organizations they serve”)
  • (web site for one of the “grandfathers” of spiritual formation in the United Methodist Church, with a wealth of online materials and resources)
  • is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel — with a common desire for Divine transformation (primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily practice)as explicated in the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating.

Links Emphasizing Different Spiritual Practices-Disciplines 

  • “Traditional” Means of Grace
    • Engaging the Bible
      (Admittedly, it’s hard [given the abundance of resources and the spectrum of quality] to identify a link or two that meets the criteria above.  In matters of Biblical teaching, though, we have always trusted and appreciated the integrity and polish of Rev. Adam Hamilton’s sermons.  And so, at least until they are preserved on the internet, I we offer a few “overview” series from his work at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.)

    • Sabbath
      • Holy Rest (free “Worship Connection” sample pdf from Cokesbury, highlighting United Methodist perspectives on and practices of Sabbath-keeping)
    • Prayer
      • Sacred Space: Guides you step-by-step through daily prayer, scripture, and personal reflection.
      • Pray As You Go: multiple formats allow individuals to engage new prayer session is produced every day, lasting 10-13 minutes, that combines music, scripture and questions for reflection. The aim is to help you to become more aware of God’s presence in your life, hear and reflect on God’s word, and grow in your relationship with God. Produced in Britain with lovely British accents. Requires a high-speed connection.
  • Not-so-conventional/traditional “means of grace”/disciplines
    • Developing a “Rule” for Faithful Living
      • Growing a Rule of Life (from the Society of St John the Evangelist…  great series of online resources for cultivating your personal “rule”)
    • Gratitude
    • Art-Creativity
      • Abbey of the Arts a virtual global online monastery offering pilgrimages, online classes & retreats, reflections, and resources which integrate contemplative spiritual practice and creative expression with monastic spirituality”)


  • Retreat_in_a_Box (a downloadable day retreat, produced by Rev. Larry J. Peacock  for the New England Conference [Annual Conference] Spiritual Formation Initiative)
  • An Online Retreat  a 34-week Ignatian retreat, offered by Creighton University
  • Northumbria Community web site of a diverse and dispersed network of people (alone and together) gathered around a Rule of Life as a Way to follow the Way

Have another resource you’d commend to us for consideration on this resource page?

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