Ruminations (A Free Quarterly Resource)…

ruminationsis a seasonal offering
of Zoe-Life Explorations–
aimed at facilitating
conversations and reflections
about spiritual formation.

As suggested in the blog post,
“I Heard It Through the Bovine,”
it is especially designed to serve
as a guide for individual and group retreats/devotions.

Our most recent issue…

Reel Theology:
Focused Conversations at the Intersection
of Hollywood and Divine (Epiphany 2020)

Previous issues include:

Advent’s Call to “Creative Waiting” (December 2018)

Lent’s Invitation to “Desert Spirituality” (February 2019)

Pentecost: A Celebration of Divine-Human Synergy (May 2019)

The Art of Living Intentionally:
Crafting a Rule for [Faithful] Living (August 2019)

The Power & Promise of Gratitude (November 2019)