Ruminations (A Free Quarterly Resource)…

ruminationsis a seasonal offering
of Zoe-Life Explorations–
aimed at facilitating
conversations and reflections
about spiritual formation.

As suggested in the blog post,
“I Heard It Through the Bovine,”
it is specially designed to serve
as a guide for individual and group retreats/devotions.

Our most recent issue…

Issue 14 (Spring 2022),
Soul Matters for
Christian Leaders

Previous issues include…

Issue 1,   Advent’s Call to “Creative Waiting”
(December 2018)

Issue 2,   Lent’s Invitation to “Desert Spirituality”
(February 2019)

Issue 3,   Pentecost: A Celebration of Divine-Human Synergy
(May 2019)

Issue 4,   The Art of Living Intentionally:
Crafting a Rule for [Faithful] Living
(August 2019)

Issue 5,   Thanksgiving:
The Power & Promise of Gratitude
(November 2019)

Issue 6,   Reel Theology:
Focused Conversations at the Intersection
of Hollywood and Divine
(Epiphany 2020)

Issue 7,   Whole-Life, Life-Long Stewardship
(April 2020)

Issue 8,   Community & Spiritual Companionship
as “Means of Grace”
(Pentecost 2020)

Issue 9,   The Gifts of All Saints’ Day
(Fall 2020)

Issue 10,   Rescuing Christmas
from “the Obscurity of the Familiar”
(Christmas 2020)

Issue 11,   A Lenten Review of the Stages of Faith
(including the “Dark Night of the Soul”)
(Lent 2021)

Issue 12, Spiritual Formation and the Journey to “True Self”
(Easter 2021)

Issue 13, “The Parable of the Prodigals”:
A Lens for Exploring Facets of Spiritual Formation

(Fall 2021)