From the Archives: Teaching Samples

We get it…

  • Maybe you want to know a little bit more about spiritual formation (it’s content and nature).
  • Or, maybe, you are interested in the way(s) we approach subjects.
Whatever your reasons may be, samples of teaching from various  courses are here provided to better familiarize you with our approach and focus…

Produced in January of 2021,
“Defining Spiritual Formation” 
was a course designed to give initial definition to the nature and content of spiritul formation. (It subsequently has become an offering of the Richard an Julia Wilke Institute of Discipleship — via its online portal at

Two teaching samples are provided here…

  • The first/top [promo] video, conveying a general overview of and invitation to the course (giving some sense of its focus and “flow”), and
  • The second/lower video, engaging the first session’s focus on giving positive definition to “spiritual formation”
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An August, 2021 project with the Wilke Institute (again via BeADisciple) saw us co-creating a “Symposium in Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry” with BeADisciple’s Lori Richey (Director of the Certification in Youth Ministry program). 

In this particular session, Jim gives overview to the Certification in Spiritual Formation program (which he leads for the Wilke Institute) — conveying broad strokes of that program and its elements (along with a closing time of Q&A with Lori).

A March, 2021 “Facebook Live” event with BeADisciple’s Meg Calvin gave Kathy an opportunity to give overview to our “Introduction to the Enneagram” course — focusing on the topic, “Three Benefits of Knowing Your Enneagram Type.”

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In this “first generation” of video work, Jim visits the notion that “in spiritual formation, one size does not fit all” — employing insights from Corrine Ware’s “Spiritual Types Inventory.”

The lecture comes from the Institute for Discipleship course, The Spiritual Disciplines for Personal and Parish Renewal.