New Online Workshops/Trainings (via (3-11-21)

Online Workshops/Trainings

     Early on in his work of founding Zoe-Life Explorations, Jim Reiter entered into a teaching partnership with the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute of Discipleship — to serve as Director and Lead Instructor in its online Certification Program in Spiritual Formation (via its online platform,


Noteworthy for clergy and others seeking to fulfilll professional CEU requirements is that these courses are eligible for such credit through BeADisciple's affiliation with Southwest College in Winfield, Kansas.

     Since those beginnings in the Fall of 2018…

      •  over 65 individuals (from 26 states and 1 Canadian province)
        have participated in the Certification in Spiritual Formation program
      • Jim and Kathy have launched a series of other non-certification courses
        in support of spiritual formation in the lives of individuals and congregations

     Courses are asynchronous in nature — so that participants are not engaged in the learning process at the exact same time in a given week.  They engage materials at their own pace — even as they keep up with moves from one week to the next.

     For more information about these online course offerings (costs, CEUs, and registration links) including the fuller “Certification in Spiritual Formation Program,” click on course titles below in each of the sections below…

4 courses || $125 each (not including the price of required texts)

  1. IFDC220 – Spiritual Disciplines for Personal and Parish Renewal
    The main focus of this course is spiritual formation and the ways that spiritual temperament and personality inform engagement of the spiritual disciplines for personal and parish renewal. Participants will define an initial plan for spiritual formation in a congregational setting.

  2. IFDC210 – Teaching the Biblical Faith for Spiritual Formation 
    The focus of this class is on ways that we might promote a formational engagement of the Scriptures for personal and parish enrichment through the ways that we teach our Biblical faith. In this course, you’ll learn how to engage the Christian meta-narrative and its key themes and motifs in ways that facilitate spiritual formation in our churches.

  3. IFDC230 – The Ministry of Spiritual Direction and Companionship
    Affirming the role of authentic community and companionship in discipleship and spiritual formation, this course will work to define “spiritual direction and companionship” – in both its one-on-one form as well as “group” expressions. A variety of resources (including readings from Christian classics) will serve to illuminate key elements of and considerations surrounding such relationships, including: listening skills, psychological awareness, historical background (including formative Wesleyan spirituality), the differences between direction and counseling and coaching, and ethical considerations. Upon completion of the course, participants should have a clear understanding of the nature of this means of spiritual guidance as well as the formal processes involved in becoming a certified spiritual director.

  4. IFDC250 – Practicum in Spiritual Formation
    Supervised field education in a project related to “spiritual formation” in the setting of a local congregation. Successful completion of this 12-week course will demand that participants demonstrate an understanding of project management and bring that understanding to bear in the definition, defense, execution, and critical evaluation of a short-term program/activity to be conducted in a local church or small group setting. (Prerequisites: IFDC210, 220, 230)


Courses Reflecting on the General Nature and Content of Spiritual Formation…

Defining Spiritual Formation: An Introduction
Exploring Spiritual Formation: Mapping Our Journeys Back Home to God
The Art of Living Intentionally: Developing a Rule for Faithful Living
Spiritual Formation Gleanings from the Life of Jesus

Seasonal Offerings…

A Lenten Journey to True Self
Reel Theology: A Lenten Film Festival

Courses on the Enneagram…

Introduction to the Enneagram
(a “101” Introduction-Orientation desgined to help individuals to discover their number)

The Enneagram for Growth
(a “201” course which builds upon the Intro course–inviting individuals to explore deeper dynamics and insights of the Enneagram)