Gleanings from the Life of Jesus: Insights for Spiritual Formation

Picture1“Gleanings” draws upon two streams of studies and experiences from the life and ministry of Dr. Reiter:

  • There was his work with Bible scholar and archaeologist, Dr. Jim Fleming — first as a student and study tour participant and, then, as the Stateside Manager of his Biblical Resources Study Center.  Jim Reiter believes that his years of working for and with Jim Fleming to be among the most formative years in his coming to understand the life of Jesus… and the radical message of the Gospels.
  • There was and is his ongoing studies in Spiritual Formation — including most recent coursework related to a Professional Certification in Spiritual Formation at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

The convergence of these streams produces a course-retreat that is refreshing for the ways it unpacks the life of a revolutionary Jesus (with significant insights from historical geography [i.e., considerations of geography and Jewish culture and first-century customs]) and connects a survey of that life to essential lessons in the ongoing journey of spiritual formation — for both individuals and congregations.

Session titles and foci from this series can include:

  • “What Did Jesus Look Like”: An Introduction to Historical Geography
  • A Survey of the Biblical Stage: The Five Ways of Israel… and the Concept of Desert Spirituality
  • Nazareth & Bethlehem: Obscure Beginnings in Jesus’ Life… and Ours
  • The Jordan River & Deserted Places: Jesus Discerns & Defines His Call… and Ours
  • Jesus’ Popular Ministry Around the Sea of Galilee, including Characteristics of the Disciples
  • Parables (w/ a focus on the Parable of the Prodigal Son)
  • Caesarea Philippi & The Jordan Valley: Jesus Sets His Face towards Jerusalem
  • Vindication in Jerusalem: Holy Week & Easter

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