"Stand at the Crossroads and Look": Developing a Rule for Faithful Living

For over 1500 years, the Rule of St. Benedict has served as one such ancient path of reform and renewal in the Church—blessing both individuals and communities with its timeless spiritual wisdom. 

Drawing upon materials he prepared for and shared through the Upper Room sponsored “Spirit Journey” retreat in the Fall of 2016, Dr. Reiter introduces Benedict and his ancient rule.  More importantly, he brings focus to might need a rule for faithful living, the nature of such a rule, and the basics of our formulating such a way for our own life and living.  We’ll do all this with an eye to the ways that the ancient Rule of Benedict can inform and transform our life as disciples and as a Church.

A sample format for these discussions might include:

Session 1: Introduction to Benedict… and the Concept of a Rule of Living

Session 2: Crafting Your Own Personal “Rule of Life”

Session 3: Implications of Benedictine Spirituality for the Contemporary [Protestant] Parish


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