Looking for Some Good News?!?

Enjoyed a delightful evening this past Friday, catching up with friends, Steve and Mary Alice.

As typical catch up conversations go, he asked about retirement… and the nature of our current “work.”

I can vouch (to some extent) for what I said.  Something along the lines of “we’re working to promote spiritual formation in the lives of individuals and congregations… something along the lines of revivals, 30-40 years ago, where you’d come in for a couple evenings in a row to stimulate conversations and introspection…  except we are more open to a variety of timings and a variety of themes or ‘explorations’”…  In such conversations, you’ve got to be careful about going too long or getting too technical.

Yes, I can vouch for what I said.  But, you never know what others hear.

A day or so later, Steve texted me.  “Maybe this is what spiritual enrichment is?,” he wrote – with a link to a video by “Sean of the South,” entitled “Good”:


Watching the video, I had to give Steve credit.  Oh sure, he adjusted a term or two.  But, he was obviously listening – hearing the gist of what I was trying to say, the gist of what I hope we are about in and through Zoe-Life Encounters: helping folks…

to see and affirm the good that is out there (even in the face of so much that saddens and maddens),

to be a part of something that inspires a moment of pause and reflection, an impulse of gratitude, an opportunity to remember and reclaim the fundamentals of life and living,

to sensitively acknowledge those around us who might be going through hell,

to live out of their true, God-given core – sounding, conveying, being a genuine blessing.

God bless you, dear Friends.
God bless you!

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