Introducing “Introduction to the Enneagram: An Online Study”

Invariably, as we have offered our different explorations,
we’ve heard various sentiments of regret:

“Wish we could attend, but we’re busy that weekend!,” or

“Wish it weren’t so far away!…
When are you going to do something over here?”

IFD237 Intro graphic (for blog)Now, with the capability for reliable online instruction,
we can cut through the obstacles of time and space—
reducing barriers to individuals and groups
who are interested in spiritual formation.

Through a partnership with (a ministry of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute of Discipleship at Southwest College in Winfield, Kansas), we are excited to announce the launch of various Zoe-Life explorations (or retreat-studies) in an online format.  For over a year, now, Jim has served as the Lead Instructor of coursework related to BeADisciple’s “Certification Program in Spiritual Formation.”  This new chapter allows us to offer other dimensions of our spiritual formation work through an online interface that we trust—both for its user-friendliness and its reliability.

Among our first offerings
(to launch in January, 2020 and, again, in March, 2020)
will be a 4-week “Introduction to the Enneagram”:

In a world full of personality assessments, the Enneagram stands apart for the ways that it not only describes our behavior (and the basis of that behavior) but for the ways it prescribes practices which can help us live more resourcefully.

Join Kathy and Jim Reiter in this self-paced course (an adaptation of the 7-hour retreat/workshop they conduct via Zoe-Life Explorations)—establishing spiritual formation as a journey to resourceful, “true self” living; defining the background of the ancient personality “inventory” which is the Enneagram; providing a narrative orientation to the nine personality types; helping participants understand the results of one online assessment; and offering some sense of next steps in the journey to “true self.”

While participants must complete the course within the allotted 4-week schedule, they can engage weekly materials/assignments at their own convenience and pace.

Complementing online videos (from a recent Enneagram workshop hosted by Jim and Kathy) will be recommended [weekly] reading assignments and regular/weekly engagements of an online Discussion Board – through which insights, impressions, and questions can be shared.

Supplemental resources are strongly suggested for those enrolling in the course, but are not required—including Alice Fryling’s book, Mirror for the Soul: A Christian Guide to the Enneagram and the online assessment which is the “Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales” [WEPSS]. (Cost for the course, excluding these supplemental materials, is $65.)

If you’d like more information about this course offering
and other topics/explorations slated for release in coming months
(or if you’d like to be notified when registration
for this course is opened at BeADisciple),

contact us at

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