We’ve Refreshed Our Resources/Links Page!

updated linksAs part of Zoe-Life’s mission
(to facilitate experiences and discussions
about d
eeper-fuller life and living
in individuals and faith communities),
we maintain a resource section on our web site —
pointing folks to a whole host
of internet-based resources and materials
for spiritual formation.
Much of it is ripe for the [free] picking!

To be sure, there’s a lot of junk out there on the Web, too.

All the more reason to have a three-fold test
for the sites and resources that we commend:
a) a sense of theological balance/integrity,
b) an abundance of quality materials, and
c) minimal costs, if any (to engage these resources).

We’ve just finished an update of that section…

  • We’d love to have you visit and sift through the mix.
  • We’d love to hear what resources were worthwhile to you (and why)…
    and what resources weren’t so worthwhile to you (and, perhaps, why)
  • And, we’d love to hear about those online resources that have been a source of blessing and enrichment for you in your journey of spiritual formation!

Happy gleaning!


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