Feasting on St. Ignatius of Loyola

“Feast” (as in the Feast Days of a Saint) has always had me thinking of a banquet held in honor of a beloved soul.  “Let’s raise a toast in honor of St. so-and-so,” I muse. 

With today (July 31) being the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I find myself experiencing a twist in meaning—as I ponder the ways that I have benefitted from feasting on the life–the story and teachings–of this great soul:
  • He was among the saints I was reading about in college—prompting a deep, inner question (that would become a call to which I a still trying to respond): “What would it look like to live as one radically sold out for Christ in this day and place?”
  • His story has proven a powerful illustration of the ways that God can employ tragedy and disappointment unto greater, fuller ends.  What would have become of St. Ignatius if we hadn’t encountered a cannonball that nearly took his leg off—leading to a time of convalescence in which he discovered and fully embraced Christ and His way? Or again, what would have been his legacy if he’d not been denied in his quest to return to the Holy Land—going instead to Rome where he was given permission to set up the Jesuit order?

  • He models for me the dynamic of “letting my life speak”… and listening to it.  The spiritual exercises, examen, and imaginative approach to the Scriptures which all bear his name grow in value to me as I discover and contemplate Christ in my daily life and living.

Yes, St Ignatius helps me to approach that word, “Feast Day,” in a more profound way—as I celebrate the ways that the life and legacy of this Saint has nurtured me more fully in the life of Christ my Lord.

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