NEW Guest Preaching (3-11-22_

Guest Preaching/Speaking

Word and World.

     I do not know where I first heard it, but these are the two essential W’s that preaching and teaching seek to bridge and unite. Aim for the Word without knowing the World and you miss the heads and hearts and wills of your audience. Aim for the World without knowledge of the Word and you miss their hearing and seeing the real and full Gospel.

     To borrow and adapt from Wesley: “God bless us as we seek to join the two too often divided: knowledge of God’s Word and relevance to World in which we live and minister.”
                                                                                                                                     (Jim Reiter)

An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, The Rev. Jim Reiter is available to join your Sunday morning worship service(s) as a guest preacher. He leads worship on-site and across the miles through Zoom.  He is also available for preaching at retreats.

Over the course of his 35 years in pastoral ministry, Jim served United Methodist congregations in a variety of [rural and urban] settings across the state of Texas.  Pastoral assignments have included:

  • Associateships
    (First UMC, Houston;
    LakeRidge UMC, Lubbock;
    A&M UMC in College Station)
  • Senior Pastorates
    (including Highlands UMC;
    First UMC, Crockett;
    Smithland-Jefferson (in Marion county);
    Chapelwood, Lake Jackson;
    Pollard Memorial UMC, Tyler;
    and Strawbridge UMC, Kingwood)

Jim brings a meaningful combination of warmth, humor,  wisdom, and a sensitive spirituality to his preaching and his worship leadership.

He can merge into your use of the lectionary, can pick up on themes you want emphasized, or he can bring a message that highlights the importance of spiritual formation concerns in the Christian life.

To discuss options related to Jim’s preaching at your church or retreat event, complete and submit the following form: