Spiritual Formation and the Journey to “True Self”

The story has been attributed to Parker Palmer:

A three year old girl welcomes
her parents and newborn brother
home from the hospital.

From the moment they arrive, she is insistent about having some time alone with him—in his nursery, behind closed doors.  Mom and Dad are a bit torn but mostly curious so they allow things to proceed—mindful that a cribside intercom
will allow them to be there.

Closing the door,
they race down the hall to the intercom base—
in time to hear the little girl’s voice:
“Tell me about God, I’ve almost forgotten.”

Like that little girl, I believe we all live with a sense of memory and yearning and haunting—of deeper truths and realities which we know or are convinced we have known but which seem to be fading or hiding.  These inner stirrings speak of a higher Reality/Being, yes.  But, they also suggest a fuller, truer person—caged or stuck somewhere below the surface of what we show ourselves to be amidst our daily routines and busyness.

The two are related, interconnected: this higher Being and this deeper, true self.   They abide together.  And, each is a legitimate and essential object of spiritual formation.

In this light, we are excited to announce the publication
of our 12th issue
of Ruminations—
focused on “Spiritual Formation and the Journey to ‘True Self.’”  It seems like a perfect focus for the coming weeks of the Easter Season—during which we celebrate all the hidden promises
of God which we’ve been tempted to forget.

Click here to access this issue
as well as the larger Ruminations library/archive.

But, be advised as you approach this (as, indeed, all issues) of Ruminations:
true to its name and its mission, Ruminations offers a lot
for individual and small groups to chew on—
for study, devotion, and retreat.
We encourage you to engage it, then,
at a pace that will nourish your soul.

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