Conversations at the Intersection of Youth Ministry and Spiritual Formation

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately — working on a series of lessons related to an online Symposium on Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry via I’ll be joining Lori Richey, lead instructor in the Certification in Youth Ministry program — speaking to the ways that my focus in spiritual formation can inform considerations and best practices in youth ministry.

Schedule for the 2-week, engage-it-at-your-own-pace course will see us:

  • providing overviews of each of the certification programs at BeADisciple
  • taking a few days to spotlight overlapping concerns/foci from each program
  • concluding with a panel discussion and considerations of next steps for those participating

I am excited about this collaborative project. Considering implications for a specific audience (like youth and youth ministry) has helped me to focus my thoughts and presentations. Working with Lori has expanded my understanding of the universe of and the ministry to our youth and those who serve and surround them. I can imagine the benefit of these discussions for a variety of groups: those who are involved in ministries of spiritual formation and/or youth ministry as well as those interested who might be interested in hearing more about the content and focus of these two certification programs.

More information is yours…

    • via this facebook live video (produced a few weeks ago)

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