Playlist: “The Soundtrack of My Journey in the Sacred Romance”

Prefacing Note:

A continuing education course at Garrett Evangelical (entitled “A Formational Practicum for Leaders”)  has me/us exploring contemporary prayer practices including:

        • Visio Divina
          with major motion pictures, shorts, and classical images.
        • Audio Divina
          with instrumental Native American flute music, Caribbean music, African drumming,
          and Latin American worship.
        • Meditative Movement
        • Covenant Renewal
          with the Lord’s Prayer Examen, Creative Writing of Haikus, Acrostic and Trinitarian Blessings.
        • Photo Pilgrimage 
        • Praying in Color

“Times they are a changing,” the course description declares (borrowing a line from Bob Dylan).  At the heart of the course is the question of how (in a world and culture of remarkable shifts and stress) we might “discover new [and relevant] ways of experiencing prayer in community.”

Amidst our engagement of “Audio Divina” this last week, this post [dated January 16, 2012,  from my old blog, “two left feet”]came to mind–conveying some sense of a playlist that had evolved–giving soundtrack to my spiritual journey.

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea… and take some time to enjoy some of the music!

Most folks know of my fondness for John Eldredge’s The Sacred Romance.  It may be the single most influential book in my life (beyond the Bible) – what, for the ways it “connected” my heart with the Gospel… and helped me to embrace my love of media/movies as “means of Grace.”

In his workbook on the same, at the end of each unit, Eldredge suggests/recommends various songs, movies, books, even places as “windows” that he’s found useful in his “journey”… and which he believes might be helpful in our lives and walks along the path of the Sacred Romance.  Very early on, I found myself engaging many of these songs, downloading them, and creating a “Sacred Romance” playlist for my iphone.

Over time, the list has grown as other songs dear to my heart have been added – some (in the spirit of Eldredge’s original selections) overtly Christian though a good many “secular” in origin but with a very decided spiritual meaning.  (The list, in fact, has gotten long enough that I now divide it into “sections” reflective of “chapters” in my/our story as Christians: Creation [Eden], Crisis [Our “Fall”], Consolation [in/through Christ], Consummation [“Happily Ever After”].)

Altogether, it serves as a “soundtrack” for my life – something I return to regularly to remember the Story I am in (where I have been, where I am, where I am going).

I offer you, then, the “Soundtrack of My Journey in the Sacred Romance.”  (I’ve included sources for the songs I possess but acknowledge that, in some cases, there are many versions and that “it’s different strokes for different folks.”  In a few cases, I have even included links to youtube so that you might engage one or two of these.)  I offer it in the hopes that maybe you’ll find a song or two worth downloading for your own playlist, your own “soundtrack.”  I offer it in the hopes that maybe you have a song to commend to me and my “playlist.”  As much as anything, I hope it invites you to ponder the Sacred Romance we’re all in, the power of art, and the songs (and movies and places) that best define the “chapters” of your life.

Songs of Creation

  • End Title (You are Karen) (from Out of Africa soundtrack, track 12)
  • Life is Beautiful (from Michelle Tume’s “Listen”)
  • How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
  • Concerning Hobbits (from The Fellowship Of The Ring Soundtrack)

Songs of Crisis

Songs of Consolation (and Coming to Christ)

  • Healer of My Soul (John Michael Talbot)
  • These are the Days (10,000 Maniacs)
  • Show the Way (David Wilcox)
  • Slipping Through My Fist (David Wilcox)
  • Your Hands (JJ Heller)
  • Seize the Day (Carolyn Arends)
  • The Ludlows (from Legends of the Fall Soundtrack)
  • On the Tip of My Heart (Bebo Norman)
  • At Last (Etta James)
  • Gotta Serve Somebody (from Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming)
  • Aslan (Kendall Payne)
  • Only Love Remains (J.J Heller)
  • Beautiful Place (from Wayne Watson’s Signatures)
  • Captivate Us (from Watermark’s The Purest Place)
  • The Battle (from original score: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe)
  • One of Us (from Joan Osborne’s Relish)
  • You Are Everything (from Matthew West’s Something to Say)
  • God Blessed the Broken Road (from Rascal Flatts)
  • When I Think About the Lord (from Shane & Shane’s Carry Away)
  • Dare You To Move (from Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown)
  • Everything (from Tim Hughes’ Holding Nothing Back)
  • Only Grace (from Matthew West)
  • I’ll Take Care of You (from Steven Curtis Chapman’s All About Love)

Songs of Consummation (and Our Destiny in Christ)

  • All Through the Night (from Shawn Colvin’s Holiday Songs and Lullabies)
  • On the Bright Side of the Road (Van Morrison)
  • The Buffalo Hunt (from Dances with Wolves Soundtrack)
  • May It Be (by Enya, from The Fellowship Of The Ring Soundtrack)
  • I Can Only Imagine (by Mercy Me)
  • Top Of The World (from Trevor Jones, The Last Of The Mohicans Soundtrack)
  • What Do I Know (from Sara Groves’ Conversations)
  • The Grey Havens (from The Return Of The King Soundtrack)
  • Into The West (Annie Lennox, from The Return Of The King Soundtrack)

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